it’s sad because this reminded me of moriarty

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    And My is a pimp.
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    fo sho lmao sherlock is a beat cop??????

"you know this guy? he says his name's beyonce."

"I'm the Secretary of the Treasury, and I would duel with a brick wall if it forced me to question my own masculinity."

"I'm the Secretary of State, and if France was a woman, I would conjugate with it. Every. Day."

Recurring obsession: History

I'm Aysha!

I'm into Harry Potter, APH, Disney, DC, Marvel, nerdy/geeky stuff, and pretending to act sophisticated. My main men are Andrew Garfield, JGL, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg, and other pretty rad guys. Expect to see this stuff all over my blog. Plus occasional Hetalia headcanon, yepyep.

History enthusiast, awyiiiis.


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